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Why boot cars instead of towing?

We have discovered that the vehicle owners respond much better when their vehicles are booted instead of towing.  When a vehicle is towed, the first thing the owner thinks is that the vehicle has been stolen.  Emotions run rampant and sometimes it takes hours to determine that the vehicle has not been stolen but has been towed.

When a vehicle is towed, only the registered owner (or their designated representative can pick up the vehicle).  They have to secure a ride to Denham Springs and they can only get their vehicle back during regular business hours.  Each day the vehicle sits in storage the charges increase.

When a vehicle is booted (immobilized) the vehicle owner is agitated but their emotions are much more in control.  They simply call 225-665-7427 and someone comes to them.  They pay for the booting with cash or card.  Because the vehicle has not been moved, no identification is needed to get the boot removed.  Our representative arrives as quickly as possible but must arrived within 90 minutes from the time they are called or booting fees are waived.

Booting is a much more effective way to manage your parking needs.  Other residents or patrons see the boots and this helps enforce the towing rules.  When a car is towed no one but the owner of that particular vehicle is aware that the vehicle has been towed.  Generally, the fee to tow and store a vehicle is more expensive that booting.

          How do you start using your services for booting
                         and/or towing vehicles?

  • Sign and contract
  • Specify the conditions for booting and/or towing
  • We will supply signs for the entrances and exits of your property.
  • If you are regulating permitted/visitors, all spots much be marked appropriately (we may assist with this process)
  • Notify your residents when our services will start

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